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It’s not so much about who I am or what I am about, it is more about what I believe and what I want to share.
I went into the field of massage because from a young age I found that I could help people feel better just by the art of touch. My family can attest to this by the amount of surprise shoulder rubs or toe pulling that went on over the years.

 I was naturally drawn to it .

So over the years of learning and experience,  ( even though I never stop learning) what I want is to help people to get to that state where :

1. Their bodies switch off the ‘fight or flight ‘ system and switch in the ‘rest and digest’ because I feel only in that state can the body truly  heal and repair itself in the best way possible.
2. Their bodies release the built up tension in the muscles  and return to its proper state.
3. They get to know their bodies more. For instance why a certain area keeps getting tense or where they tend to carry their stress.
4. They can implement small changes or habits in order to make their lives easier.
5. Self care becomes a habit and not a twice a year goal. ( monthly maintenance massage is a good motto to have). 

If this resonates with you , then I am your therapist ☺

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