Therapeutic Massage

Specialised therapeutic techniques used to help facilitate your body's natural ability to heal. 

Involves an in-depth consultation where we go  through your main complaints.

Followed by a therapeutic massage session in a warm, relaxed setting, to help in the recovery of both mind and body.


1hr:€50   1hr 30 min: €75



A holistic treatment to the feet and lower legs, treating points on the feet that correspond to different parts of the body to relieve stress, pain and help maintain homeostasis (balance) in the body.


Reflexology is covered by certain policies from Laya Healthcare, VHI Healthcare and Irish Life Health. 

Check your policy, if you apply.


1hr : €50  

Image by Lauren Mancke

Virtual Appointment

Starting with an online consultation where we discuss your needs and that is followed by an in-depth treatment plan which I create for you. We then schedule a video call where I go through the plan with you and demonstrate and work with you different trigger point therapy, holds, stretches, etc, that you will be doing to lessen your pain, improving your mobility and help relax your mind and body.


30-45 min: €40